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Blog Post Template

1. Come up with a relevant topic, and write down relevant Keywords / Categories / Tags
2. Fill in all Topic Headers (in bold) in order to ensure that my post stays on topic, and clearly conveys the information that I would like to share. 
3. Write blog post incorporating Keywords / Categories / Tags, and presenting an analysis on the topic at hand.
4. Search the internet for a relevant photo (if applicable). 
5. Edit for clarity 
6. Publish

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Spotify’s Social Problem

As the Internet allows us to share our opinions, find our communities, and gain heretofore unexplored access to vast libraries of information, the trend for companies is towards interactivity. The addage “content is king” didn’t just show up one day. It evolved with technological abilities and sophisticated understanding of algorighms and statitistics.

What seems to be missing is the combination of music platform / social media.