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Spotify’s Social Problem

As the Internet allows us to share our opinions, find our communities, and gain heretofore unexplored access to vast libraries of information, the trend for companies is towards interactivity. The addage “content is king” didn’t just show up one day. It evolved with technological abilities and sophisticated understanding of algorighms and statitistics.

What seems to be missing is the combination of music platform / social media.

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How to Discuss Content Licensing (like a pro)

Licensing somebody else’s idea can be seen from a legal perspective:

– Creating an agreement between two parties that specifies the exact peramiters upon which the license is agreed upon.

Licensing somebody else’s idea can be seen from a business perspective:

– Wherein a publisher distributes their intellectual property to a third party in exchange for some value (financial gain, distribution / traffic / leverage, or altruism).