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Consistency is both difficult to implement, and imperative to creating and maintaining a professional web presence. Many companies have form letters uploaded to their internal systems, so why not create a writing template that works for personal needs? Therefore, it is my pleasure to publish my own writing template for blog posts.

When writing, I try to make a point by telling a story. I do this in order to give my audience a reason to care, a way to identify with the problem or solution offered, and hopefully entertain the audience.

Over the last few months, I have begun to explore the possibility of creating a blog about a very general topic, so that I can easily apply the information I gather and publish here to something more colorful. The most obvious topic, to me, is to write about “food”. I absolutely love to cook, and although turning a profit with such a blog is notoriously difficult, I would never experience writer’s block or struggle to come up with images to publish.

While I mull over the name for this new project, and work to have an in-depth understanding of my new creative outlet, I would like to publish a little bit of information about what I learn in the process.

First, a little bit about my writing process:

  1. Come up with a relevant topic, and write down relevant Keywords / Categories / Tags
  2. Fill in all Topic Headers (in bold) in order to ensure that my post stays on topic, and clearly conveys the information that I would like to share.
  3. Write blog post incorporating Keywords / Categories / Tags, and presenting an analysis on the topic at hand.
  4. Search the internet for a relevant photo (if applicable).
  5. Edit for clarity
  6. Publish

Without further ado, the template that I use to publish stories on this blog:

Introduction to Post Topic:

What is the story?

Why is it relevant?

Why should you care?

This information is relevant because / Allow me to explain…

Topic 1

What’s this section about?

Give an Example

Why does it matter?

Topic 2

What’s this section about?

Give an Example

Why does it matter?

Topic 3

What’s this section about?

Give an Example

Why does it matter?

(Optional) Further topics

What’s this section about?

Give an Example

Why does it matter?



What did I learn during the process?

How will this help?

Call to Action:

What to do next?




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Hey cool! You read THE WHOLE THING!

If you’d like to continue this conversation – leave a comment.

If you have suggestions for future blog posts – let me know.

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